Troubleshoot Patient Health Portal Issues

Problems Logging into Patient Health Portal

  1. If the error message you receive is " We have no record of you in our database.", it means your record is not available in our system yet.  New patient uploads are done Monday nights.  Please check back on Tuesday to see if your record is available.  For new employees:  You will not have access to the Patient Health Portal until the Tuesday after your official start date.
  2. If you receive an error message that reads "You are not eligible to register for Patient Health Portal.​", please email  and include your TUid and the message.  This error usually means you have an account that needs to be re-activated.
  3. Clear your browser cache (make sure to include passwords) then restart browser.  For instructions on how to clear your browser cache, please visit:
  4. Do not include special characters in your Temple password.  Although they are permitted in your Temple password, special characters in your Temple password may prevent you from logging into the Patient Health Portal.  Special characters like !, <, >, %, &, ", :, . may cause problems.  If you have a special charcter in your Temple password, you can change your password at:
  5. Any browser setting that blocks cookies can interfere with logging in (i.e. enhanced privacy/ security settings, "incognito" mode)
  6. Try not to use Internet Explorer.

Problems Uploading Documents

  1. Simplify the file name by renaming the file (i.e. MyNameDoc.pdf). Make sure the name of the file is less than 30 characters long.
  2. Do not include any special characters in the file name.  Special characters like !, <, >, %, &, ", :, . may cause problems.
  3. Only Images (.gif, .png, .tiff, .tif, .jpg, .jpeg) and Documents(.txt, .pdf) are allowed!  Please note: iPhone file format .HEIC is not supported!
  4. iPhone users: to change your default camera file format: Go to Settings on your iPhone-->Tap Camera. You will be shown some options like Formats, Grid, Preserve Settings, and Camera Mode--> Tap Formats, and change the format from High Efficiency to Most Compatible.
  5. Now all your photos will be automatically saved as JPG instead of HEIC.
  6. File must be smaller than 30MB.  Save images at a lower resolution, scan in black and white, set scanners to 150DPI to achieve a smaller file.
  7. Make sure the file is local to your device (not on a network or cloud drive).
  8. Try not to use Internet Explorer

Most problems can be resolved by following these instructions.  If you follw these instructions and continue to have problems, please email from your Temple email address and include the subject line: "php issue".  Please include your name, TUID, error number and a brief description of what you were trying to do, i.e. Log into Patient Health Portal, Trying to upload a document, etc.  Response times will vary.