The decision about if or when to have sex is a very personal one. When you begin to have sex, you need to think about the possibility of pregnancy and the risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection. Abstinence is the only completely effective way to protect yourself from pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

Student Health Services is a satellite office for the Family Planning Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania and the Temple University Hospital Family Planning Program. We offer family planning services for men and women. These services include gynecology care, Pap tests, testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), pregnancy tests and contraception.

Gynecology and family planning services are provided based on your ability to pay. An intake evaluation will determine your eligibility for this federally supported program. Services are typically at a low cost.

Gynecology and family planning visits are considered routine or “future” appointments. A limited number of same day appointments are available for gynecology problems of a more urgent nature.

The Family Planning Services program in Pennsylvania provides reproductive services, information and counseling on healthcare for women, men and teens. Services are free or low-cost and are always confidential. Learn more and see if you qualify for the program.

Family Planning Services


To schedule an appointment, call 215-204-7500.