Prematriculation Requirements

HSC and College of Public Health Student Requirements

Proof of adequate immunization and updated Tuberculosis screening (Tuberculin Skin Test/PPD or IGRA blood test) records are requirements for clinical rotations. Failure to provide proof of compliant immunizations or titers will prevent you from doing clinical work.

All of these records should be uploaded to the Patient Health Portal ( under the Upload Section.  Please use the HSC & CPH Immunization, Titer And-Or Physical Record option.

Below are the pre-matriculation immunization requirements for Health Sciences, College of Public Health and School of Podiatry students. Please contact Student Health Services at 215-707-4088 to make an appointment if necessary.

  • Childhood/ Previous Immunization Records (including Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella & Hepatitis B)
  • COVID-19 Primary Vaccine series
  • Annual Influenza Vaccination
  • TDAP (within the past 10 years) 
  • PPD (IgRA tests are acceptable)
  • QUANTITATIVE Hepatitis B surface antibodies
  • QUANTITATIVE Measles antibody IGG
  • QUANTITATIVE Mumps antibody IGG
  • QUANTITATIVE Rubella antibody IGG
  • QUANTITATIVE Varicella antibody IGG
  • Completed pre-matriculation physical

*** Please note:  Quantitative results are REQUIRED!  Qualitative results will NOT be accepted! ***

If your insurance will not cover the titer/antibody testing, or if you are unable to get a physical, you can have both done at SHS once you arrive on campus (please see our website for pricing information).  Please call 215-707-4088 for an appointment.

If your physician has any records of the items listed above, please forward them to the following address.

John Thomas, RN
Temple University: Student Health Services
Student Faculty Center, Suite 322
3340 N. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19140

School of Podiatry and Main Campus Students

Please call 215-204-7500 for appointments. Send records to the following address.

Tanya Dixon, LPN
Temple University: Student Health Services
1700 N. Broad St., 4th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19121

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