About Student Health Services

Student Health Services provides the eligible Temple University community with affordable, accessible and high-quality primary healthcare. We are located on the fourth floor of 1700 N. Broad St. on Main Campus (See Locations & Hours for other campuses). Student Health Services is staffed with board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and medical assistants to meet your healthcare needs.

    Mission, Vision and Values


    Our mission is to provide quality care to Temple University Students in a compassionate and inclusive environment to foster overall well-being.


      Our goal is to be a thriving student health entity by expanding services, enhancing access to care, and broadening collaborations within the Temple University community.


      1)  Temple University focused.

      • We embrace a community-minded approach to our mission. We value our diverse communities—on our campuses, in North Philadelphia, across the commonwealth and throughout the world. We aim to help our communities thrive through collaborative partnerships and deep respect for our community members’ rich experiences.

      2)  Highly trained and experienced team.

      • We applaud the dedicated work ethic of our staff, and we are committed to supporting and recognizing their tireless efforts.

      3)  Excellence in patient care.

      • We admire the innovative work of our faculty, staff, and students; we strive to foster and support a collaborative culture of academic, financial, technological, entrepreneurial and research innovation that can positively impact our community and the world. Mission, Vision, and Values 2023 THT August 2023

      4) Cost-effective and compassionate care.

      • We are committed to finding innovative ways to reduce students’ financial and health stressors.

      5)  Guide and educate students towards independence.

      • We cultivate learning and believe that Temple provides students with best-in-class educational opportunities in and beyond the classroom.

      6)  Maintain student privacy and confidentiality.

      • We believe that patient confidentiality is an essential aspect of excellent medical and mental health care, and each patient can be assured that all health information is treated confidentially and protected to the fullest expect permissible by law.

      7)  Build connections.

      • We strive for inclusivity. We are invested in providing access to diverse students and creating an environment in which all members of our community feel engaged, respected and supported.

      8)  Safe and respectful environment.

      • We foster a welcoming environment. We embrace open communication and inclusive belonging to help everyone feel they are a part of the Temple family.

      9)  Diverse and inclusive culture.

      • We celebrate diversity. We take great pride in the diversity of our students, faculty, staff and administration, and we are committed to expanding and promoting our diversity as a hallmark of the Temple experience.

      10)   Resilient and adaptable.

      • We honor determination, resilience, and continuous effort as central to the Temple identity, as reflected in our motto “perseverance conquers.”