If you have received an email stating that your Academic Building access has been revoked, there are 2 ways to restore your access:

1.) Schedule and keep an appointment for a Covid-19 test at one of the Covid-19 Testing sites.  Appointments can be made through the Patient Health Portal, by choosing Appts then selecting one of the COVID Testing locations.

2.) Enter Covid-19 Vaccine information through the Patient Health Portal by choosing the Immunization tab and entering your Covid-19 vaccine and dates.  After entering this information, go to the Uploads tab and select Covid-19 Vaccine Record to upload proof of your vaccination.  Failure to complete both steps can result in significant delays in updating your covid-19 vaccination status.

The Building Access restoration process runs once an hour at 10 minutes after the hour; however, the process does not complete until 20 minutes after the hour  (if you submit an upload at 9:09am, your access will be restored at 9:20am; if you submit an upload at 9:11am, your access will be restored at 10:20am).  Your access will be restored depending on when you enter you vaccine information on the immunizations tab and upload your vaccine card.  You will not receive notification that your access has been restored.