COVID-19 Vaccine Exemptions

Religious Exemption

To qualify for a religious exemption you must submit an exemption request form.  An individual must certify that they have a sincerely held religious belief that prevents them from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Philosophical or moral objections are not sufficient.   Religious exemption requests are submitted on the Forms Page of the Patient Health Portal.   

Medical Exemption

To qualify for a medical exemption an individual must submit a certification from a licensed healthcare provider.  The licensed healthcare provider must certify that the COVID-19 vaccine is medically contraindicated for the individual.  History of COVID-19 disease is not an acceptable contraindication.  The medical exemption form must be completed and signed by the licensed healthcare provider and then uploaded to the Health Portal by the student, faculty or staff member.   The medical exemption form can be found on the Forms Page of the Patient Health Portal.