As a reminder, for the duration of the Summer 1 and Summer 2 2021 semesters, all students in specific categories are required to be tested each week to remain in compliance with the COVID-19 testing program. Testing helps identify active cases and prevent further community spread. We understand how busy you are as a student, but your role in protecting the overall health and safety of the community must also be a top priority.

Fully Covid-19 vaccinated students DO NOT  have to Asymptomatic test for Covid-19, BUT DO have to enter and upload their Covid-19 vaccination recordPlease click here for more information.

Temple has established a protocol on student testing, contact tracing, and quarantine and isolation protocols which can be viewed on TUPortalShould you fail to complete required testing, your access to university academic buildings will be revoked. Failure to comply may also, in appropriate circumstances, be the basis for discipline and sanctions, including interim suspension from the university pending a student conduct proceeding.

If you would like to provide an explanation for why you no longer fall under one of the specified testing categories, please submit your information through this form.  If you missed your test because you were not on campus for just last week, please schedule an appointment immediately to satisfy the testing requirements.

Remember that appointments are required for all tests (walk-in appointments are not available). Use the Patient Health Portal to schedule your appointments. If you have difficulty scheduling your appointment for any reason, please email for assistance. If you have not submitted an explanation, please ensure you schedule your required tests for this week and future weeks, so that you are in compliance with university directives.

Temple University is working diligently to ensure the health and safety of our campus community and beyond and you play a critical role in this effort. If you have any further questions, please call Student Health at 215-204-7500.