Emergency contraception is birth control that prevents pregnancy after sex. It is also called the morning-after pill. You can use emergency contraception right after sex or up to five days later if you think your usual method of contraception failed, you didn’t use contraception or you were made to have sex against your will.

Emergency contraception makes it less likely you will get pregnant. But emergency contraception is not as effective as contraception used before or during sex, like pills or condoms. Emergency contraception should not be used as your only protection against pregnancy. Emergency contraception does not protect you against sexually transmitted infections.

Student Health Services uses Next Choice (also known as Plan B) for emergency contraception. Learn more about emergency contraception.


Please call 215-204-7500 to schedule an appointment with Student Health Services.

CHOICE Hotline

Additional sites where emergency contraception may be obtained are available through the CHOICE hotline. If you’re located in Philadelphia, call 215-985-3300. If you’re located outside of Philadelphia, call 1-800-848-3367.